Stay Safe on a Rainy Worksite

SANTA ANA, Calif., December 18, 2014—Winter is here and the rainy season has begun. wants to remind contractor and construction companies that this can be a particularly dangerous time of year to work outdoors.

To keep your crews and yourself safe on rainy worksites, follow these tips.

  • Never hurry to get in out of the rain. The water makes surfaces more slippery, so it’s that much easier to slip and fall. Move slowly and carefully on the worksite, particularly when climbing in and out of vehicles and when climbing ladders.
  • Check that equipment and power tools are rated for outdoor use in the rain. If they are not, do not use them.
  • Be sure your hand tools have textured, nonslip grip handles.
  • Use antifogging sprays or wipes on your glasses or goggles before going outside.
  • Rainy days can be dark and dim. Ensure that your work area is well lit (with lights rated for outdoor use in the ran.)

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