How Green Construction Techniques Can Impact Your Business

“Green” construction is no trend: it’s an industry-wide shift, and it’s here to stay. So in honor of World Environment Day (June 5, if you want to celebrate it with your team!), we’d like to highlight some green construction technologies that could make your company more productive—and grow its environmentally friendly reputation.

Offsite, modular, and prefab construction

The benefits to offsite construction are great—for stakeholders and the environment alike. Since materials can be managed more efficiently offsite, it reduces costs (and a building’s final embodied carbon). Ordered to spec, cut and assembled with precision, stock tolerances will be tight. And in turn, that will make the resulting buildings more energy-efficient. The possibility for “assembly line”-type assembly streamlines the build process, reduces waste, and can boost performance. Worker safety can even improve in a controlled offsite environment.

Super-optimized planning and scheduling

Facilitated by building information modeling (BIM), virtual design and construction streamlines onsite work, minimizes stock going into a project, and reduces waste. As a result, you may enjoy unprecedented reductions in cost and timelines—and increased margins.

Energy analysis

Maybe energy analysis benefits architects or engineers–but they’re not alone. Contractors can dive in by identifying the most and least sensitive factors contributing to a given building’s energy consumption. Consequently, they can shave costs as required only where changes to design spec have the lowest effect on built performance.

As legislation evolves and public demand for “green” business and construction techniques grows, it will become more and more necessary for contractors to adapt to green techniques in the way they do business. What green techniques does your company benefit most from utilizing? is offered by Insurance Partners, Inc., which has specialized in contractors insurance for more than 35 years. If you have questions about your contractors insurance coverage, contact us.

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