Distracted Driving Awareness on the Job Site

Work injuries involving transportation incidents remained the most common fatal event in 2016. They accounted for 40 percent of work-related deaths.

Combine that with the fact that we all know so well—that construction is one of the riskiest industries in the United States. That means construction business has an excellent reason to observe Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April.

In 2015 alone, 3,477 people died, and 391,000 sustained injury, in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. Many of these incidents probably involved cellphones.

But drivers on the worksite can be distracted by so much more than phones. There is uneven terrain to navigate, and there are obstacles, other people, and other vehicles to avoid. Many vehicles require specific techniques to drive safely. And on the worksite, time is money. So your workers may feel pressured to move at top speed.

How can you help your team to drive more safely—with less distraction?

Prevent Transportation Injury on the Job

  • Ensure that drivers receive consistent training, particularly when using vehicles such as forklifts or earthmovers.
  • Support healthful habits among your workers, particularly good sleep hygiene. A lunch-and-learn or strategically placed posters can help you here.
  • Develop a safe driving policy that includes
  • Safety belt requirements
  • Defensive driving tactics
  • Prohibition of cellphone use when driving a vehicle

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