Disaster Preparedness for Your Construction Business

Everyone in the industry knows it: construction is a risk-filled field to work in.

Falls from height, transportation-related incidents, electrocution—heck, not every industry has a short list of the most fatal risks its workers run.

But today, we’re not talking about any of those risks. We’re talking about risks that stretch beyond the bounds of construction work itself.

We’re talking about disaster preparedness.

Earthquake, flood, fire, lightning strikes—disaster can taken many forms, and can strike at any time. How can you help your workers to prepare—and recover?

Create a Kit

Encourage your team to be “Red Cross ready” by sharing these simple suggestions to put together an emergency kit. Remind them that in the wake of a disaster, they may be unable to reach the store, to plug in to an electrical outlet, or to withdraw money from an ATM. Your workers should each have an emergency kit in their personal vehicles. And you should make sure to have one on the work site.

Plan On It

Disaster planning is no one’s favorite activity. But that’s no reason to put it off! You have to take time now to make a plan that you can rely on later. Does your organization have a system that will allow workers to “check in” and let others know they’re safe? Does everyone know the evacuation procedure? Do you need to schedule an emergency drill for your team?

Get the Scoop

Certainly in Southern California, we’re no strangers to disaster. Consequently, it’s important to stay abreast of recent earthquakes and wildfires in our area. Considering following organizations like the National Weather Service on social media, or investing in an NOAA Weather Radio, to help keep informed—so you can take timely action and help your team stay safe.

Your workers’ safety is the key to your company’s success—so do what you can to encourage disaster preparedness on the job. It could make a big difference if disaster strikes.

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