Get Organized in the Office & on the Work Site

Happy 2018 and Happy Get Organized Month to you!

Even if January weren’t Get Organized Month, we would recommend that you take some time now, at the very start of the new year, to review a few key areas of your business and make sure that you get 2018 off to a great start.

Get Organized in the Office

When you’re out on the job site, it’s easy for clutter to pile up in your office. So take some time each week to focus on a different area of your office until it is clean and organized. For example, we recommend you tackle your desk; filing cabinets; office supplies; inbox; voicemail; any spot where work materials have piled up. And don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed: small steps add up! For instance, try clearing out one drawer at a time instead of your whole desk.

Review your paperwork. Make sure you have all your workers correctly categorized. Confirm that your workers’ comp coverage is correct. Do you need to review your insurance coverage? As your team has grown, or you’ve purchased new equipment, your insurance coverage will need to grow, too. Make sure all your licenses and permits are up to date, too.

Get Organized with Your Equipment

Your team is always using machinery and power tools to get the job done. But with careful planning, you can ensure a thorough check-up for each piece of equipment this year. Replace worn parts and wires. Retire faulty or aged equipment. Oil parts that need lubrication.

Don’t forget the PPE, either. Confirm that goggles still fit snugly, that protective gloves still have plenty of padding, and that hard hats still provide protection. Anything worn or irreparable? Get rid of it and buy new.

Get Organized on the Work Site

Make sure your team follows policies and procedures for putting machinery and equipment away at the end of the day, and for securing the work site against thieves and vandals.

This is also a great time of year to review safety policies and procedures with the entire team. After all, your workers are the heart of your business. And construction is one of the riskiest industries in the United States. So remind your team of safety procedures for working at height, for working with power tools, and for working with forklifts or other machinery. You may also want to provide suicide prevention resources or information to ensure that your workers know there is help available if they need it. wishes you and your team and safe, productive, and profitable New Year—and we hope these suggestions will help you achieve it! is offered by Insurance Partners, Inc., which has specialized in contractors insurance for more than 35 years. If you have questions about your contractors insurance coverage, contact us.

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