General Liability Insurance and More

No one—besides insurance agents—really likes to talk about insurance. It’s okay, we know it’s true! But we also know that insurance is absolutely vital to your success as a contractor… and we know you realize that as well. california general liability insurance, california workers comp, california contractors tool floaters, california commercial auto insurance, california group health insurance, california contractors bonds

It’s not always easy to figure out how much California general liability insurance, California workers compensation insurance, or other types of contractors insurance you need to proceed with your work in security. Heck, you may not even be sure exactly what type of California contractors insurance you need! Your best bet is to give us a call so we can work with you to develop an insurance package that meets your individual needs, including California general liability insurance, tool floaters, commercial auto insurance, and more—but in the meantime, we’d like to draw your attention to a few useful facts.

California General Liability Insurance and More

  • Many insurers do not allow subcontractors under your liability coverage. If that’s the case, your subcontractors will need their own liability insurance.
  • While claims-made policies (these are triggered when a claim is made rather than when an incident occurs) offer lower up-front and ongoing costs, there are some intricacies involved in this type of coverage. If you do not understand these thoroughly, you may be better off with traditional coverage, which is triggered when an incident occurs.
  • You can read more about general liability insurance here: California General Liability Insurance and here: Small Business Administration – General Liability Insurance

What’s In an Insurer?

  • Not all insurers are created equal. We work with A-rated insurance carriers—and you should, too. Not sure what your insurance company’s rating is? Just give us a call.
  • The controlled insurance program (CIP) is becoming more and more common, and for some very good reasons: they’re efficient, they bundle general liability with workers’ comp, streamlined claims processes, and so on. But when you’re considering a CIP, be mindful of the potential coverage gaps. is a service of Insurance Partners, Inc., which has been providing quality protection for contractors for more than 35 years. California contractors insurance specialists work with companies on everything from California general liability and California workers compensation insurance to contractor bonds and a “pay as you sell” liability insurance program designed especially for homebuilders. If you have questions about your contractor insurance coverage, contact us.

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